Movie License Plates

These novelty items are replicas of famous plates seen in various movies.  They are good quality, die-pressed/embossed aluminium plates measuring approximately 12" x 6".  A must have for any movie buff!!  If you can't see a plate for your favourite movie why not contact us with a picci and we'll do our best to match it!

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Back to the future plate license plate - "OUTATIME"
Back to the future plate license plate - "OUTATIME" As seen on "Doc" Emmett Brown's DeLorean. Die..
Ex Tax: £15.31
BAT 1 - Batmans License Plate
This Batman License plate was seen on the Batmobile between 1966-1968. This is made from embossed..
Ex Tax: £17.01
Christine Movie Plate
Used in the movie Christine (1983) on a 1958 Plymouth Fury with California Plate - CQB 241 ..
Ex Tax: £17.01
Dukes Of Hazzard License Plate CNH 320
The Dukes Of Hazzard - General Lee License Plate. Alluminimum plate, die pressed letters and hot ..
Ex Tax: £17.01
ECTO 1A - Ghostbusters 2 Movie Plate
From the movie 'Ghost-busters2' - This is a New York aluminium license plate embossed wit..
Ex Tax: £14.89
Ghostbusters License Plate ECTO 1
From the movie 'Ghost-busters' - This is a New York aluminium license plate embossed with..
Ex Tax: £14.89
Harry Potter Movie Plate
This is the pressed metal number plate from the famous Ford Anglia used in the harry potter ..
Ex Tax: £14.46
Herbie's Licence Plate OFP 857
A great replica of Herbie's famous license plate The OFP 857 plate has embossed aluminium let..
Ex Tax: £14.89
HORNET License Plate from the Movie - The Green Hornet
Die pressed aluminum plate in black, with wording "HORNET" as seen in the movie - The G..
Ex Tax: £14.04
Jaws Movie Plate
This is the jaws movie plate taken from the shark's stomach when they cut it open! It has the..
Ex Tax: £17.02
JJZ 109 Bullitt - Movie Plate ( Steve Mcqueen Movie )
Used in the film Bullitt (1968) on a 1968 Ford Mustang. Driven by Steve McQueen. The plate is a C..
Ex Tax: £14.89
Karr Movie Plate ( KNIGHT RIDER )
Knight Rider KARR License Plate. In Blue from California. This is Embossed Metal, with Yellow tex..
Ex Tax: £17.01
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