3D Vision Number Plates

Are you looking to replace your standard acrylic number plates? Do you want a plate which will make your car stand out from the crowd, a plate that is road legal but different?

These 3D vision plates are die pressed aluminium, so the letters are raised, giving a 3D effect. You can have them with or without a Euro badge. They all have a lower lip which bears our slogan if ordering road legal number plates but can be left blank if ordering show plates. The advantages of having this style plate include: never letting water in, they stand out in a crowd, and will not fade or scratch easily. Craig even has them on his Land Rover!

All plates come with our standard 12 month guarantee.  

3D Vision Plates 3D Vision Metal Number Plate


 Click Here to order these plates, then follow the very simple questions asked - Plates for a car, legal/show plates, pair, no additional rear, metal, and yellow/white. Remember to select 3D vision from the drop down plate list.


We make these all in house, so they can be despatched fast. Go on treat yourself, they will compliment any car they are on!

If you have any trouble ordering online, call us on 0871 288 4 288, and we will take care of it over the phone.