Flexible motorbike plate

We now keep on the shelf bendy bike plates. These are able to bend to avoid them smashing when grounding out. They ARE available to select in the plate builder (under acrylic - and off road). They only are available in yellow, and we only have 4 different sizes 9x7", 7x5", 8x6" and 6.5x6.5", These sizes can be selected in the plate sizes menu in the platemaker.  Also very popular for fitting into some frames, where a normal bike plate is to thick, these have a thickness of around 2mm.

If you would like a CUSTOM sized bendy bike plate please choose the custom sized plate when ordering your plates and in the notes section say that you require a bendy/flexy plate instead of and acrylic style. PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION IF YOU WANT ANY OF THE SIZES LISTED IN THE PARAGRAPH ABOVE!  

Flexible Bike Plate