3D Font MOT failure...or is it

We have recently received several calls from customers whose cars or bikes have failed their MOT due to displaying 3D font on their number plates.  (Including Craig's!)  So, the question we are getting asked everyday is... 'Is 3D font still legal, and why has my vehicle failed it's MOT'?


Quite simply, the answer


Reflective house signs

In an emergency, every second counts!

Reflective house numbers ensure that your property is clearly seen, both day and night.  They help everyone in finding your property, taxi drivers, couriers, doctors, postmen, and more importantly, the emergency services.  From his experience as an Emergency First Responder, Craig



The DVLA regulations state that we must see ORIGINAL Proof of Identity AND Proof of Entitlement and log the details contained therein for all road legal number plates. For a full list of the documents that may be used, please visit

These are


Law change allows motorists to fly the flag!

Patriotic motorists are now able to


Craigsplates - Now in Ireland!

Well we now have expanded our operations to Ireland, Due to current external pressures. That means all Legal plates will still be shipped from our Main office in Suffolk, but show plates will now be sold to you from Craigsplates Ireland, and shipped from the Irish office. We have spent


After just over 12 months, he's finally gone to his new home!

Once upon a time there was this lonely little legal plate, sitting on the despatch shelf feeling lost and abandoned.  He had been made two days after his owner submitted his order, but sadly his owner had not got his log book yet to send in.  Patiently he waited, watching


Legal plates with your own slogan!

Are you tired of all the restrictions that the DVLA have imposed on your plates? Fed up of being told you are not allowed your own slogan on a plate? Well it's true, you can't! Until now....


Check out our new plates, compliant to BSAU145d, you can have your


Do you have a plate frame for your bike

Bike Plate FrameBike frames can make or break the look of your bike, and tidy up the rear end. Making a plate to fit a frame however, can be more complex and there are going to


Flexible Bike Plates Now In Stock!

We now keep on the shelf flexible bike plates. These are able to bend to avoid them smashing when grounding out. They are available to select in the plate builder (under acrylic - and off road). They only are available in yellow, and only two different sizes 9x7" and 7x5". If you do


Pressed Metal Plates

NOW AVAILABLE - Die Pressed Metal Fun Plates - Max 14 Digits with (only A-Z and 0-9). Click here to see how we make them.

 You can choose the colour of the letters, and


Stainless Steel Frames - IN STOCK!

We keep Three sizes of Stainless Steel Frames in stock, to fit any standard size number plate or show plates

Standard oblong - will hold ANY european plate size (520mm x 111mm) View This Frame

Square 4 x 4 - will hold plates size 11x8" Read More...

All Metal Car Plates

Until 1st January 2007, All our Metal Car plates (Oblongs) are 28.00 for a pair. This includes, vintage Black and Silver Car with 3 1/8" Digits (old Style), White and yellow Reflective (1973 - 2001), and our new 3D Vision (2001-2007) Show Plate and Number Plates.

Metal plates are the way


James Bond at Craigsplates

Our very own Craig from Craigsplates was asked to be the the Daniel Craig 'look-a-like' at the opening of the James Bond film 'Casino Royale' in Ipswich. (Well the real look-alike could not make it!, so the look-nothing-alike stepped in). It was all for one very good cause, to raise money for