After just over 12 months, he's finally gone to his new home!

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posted on: November 9, 2007

Once upon a time there was this lonely little legal plate, sitting on the despatch shelf feeling lost and abandoned.  He had been made two days after his owner submitted his order, but sadly his owner had not got his log book yet to send in.  Patiently he waited, watching other plates coming and going, being despatched to start their new lives.


A few weeks later, his owner was emailed but to no avow, the documents still never came in.  He tried sneaking himself in with other orders but was always spotted and put back on the shelf.  He began to gather dust, his spirits sank as the weeks turned into months.  His owner was never home and emails were never replied to.  Christmas came and went, and still this sad little plate sat waiting, hoping his owner would remember him.


It was not looking good for our little plate, he was beginning to wish he had never been made.  But suddenly out of the blue, a set of documents arrived in the post.  Cheers rose up from the admin staff when they realised who they were for.  The little plate was pulled off the shelf and dusted down.  He was polished up till gleaming and packed up straightaway.  At long last, after a 12.5 month wait, this dear little plate was on his way!!


Does this sound familiar to you?  We still have quite a few abandoned plates on our despatch shelf, we've chased and chased but not heard back - could this be your plate? Desperate to go to its new home?  If so, have a heart, give your plate a home in time for Christmas and get your documents to us!!