Do you have a plate frame for your bike

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posted on: November 9, 2007

Bike Plate FrameBike frames can make or break the look of your bike, and tidy up the rear end. Making a plate to fit a frame however, can be more complex and there are going to be a few red-faced people out there with plates already that are only fit for the bin because they measured what plate size they needed but never thought about the "window" area visible from the front of the frame.  A standard bike plate ordered from us will come with the reg centralised and large enough to fit the plate (max size letters 64mm).  But you can bet your frame has a bigger lip at the bottom than at the top with bolt holes that protude inwards over the plate!!  When you pop your nice new plate in you will find that half the reg is cut off at the bottom and the bottom two bolt holes cover two of your letters as well!!!  Whoops!!

So if you have your own frame, and need a plate made for it, what information do we need? Well the simplest thing to do is send us your frame!  We fit plates in frames free of charge!  (Yes I did say FREE of charge!)  If you don't wish to send us your diamond-encrusted one-of-a-kind $6000 frame then why not draw around your frame and the inner window, on the back of a cornflakes packet (yes we watched Blue Peter!) and send us the template? Not only do we get the correct size plate (and thickness!) but can then fit your registration nicely in the window too. So send us your frame, and don't forget to also include your name, address and daytime telephone number!  Do not include credit/debit card details, we will call you for those once we've received your frame!  Also, if your frame is valuable please make sure you send it to us using the appropriate postage option - we cannot reimburse you if it goes missing, so if it is expensive send it insured post!


If you do not wish to send us the frame, and can't send us a template, we need the following information from you:



What size does the plate need to be?

Will the thickness of the plate be normall (3.6mm), or do you require a thinner plate (our flexible plate -1mm thick)?

What is the size of the available window (viewable area of the plate registraion mark)?

Are there any protusions into the window area such as bolt holes?

Distance from top of the frame to top of window

Distance from bottom of the frame to bottom of window