Reflective House Signs

In an emergency, every second counts!


Reflective house numbers ensure that your property is clearly seen, both day and night.  They help everyone in finding your property, taxi drivers, couriers, doctors, postmen, and more importantly, the emergency services.  From his experience as an Emergency First Responder, Craig knows only too well how difficult it can be finding houses in the dark, and understands the importance in saving time to potentially save lives.


We now have reflective house signs available for purchase, these signs may be a lifesaving tool that will assist emergency services find you should the need arise.  Of course, most emergency service vehicles will have satellite navigation systems, which will bring them very close to your property, but unfortunately, not always to your door.  Most emergency service drivers will tell you that finding a property at night is at times extremely difficult.  On occasions where time is critical, and more importantly, in a 'life' or 'death' situation, having a reflective house sign on the gate, or on your wall or fence or front door may save valuable seconds in finding you.


These signs are also ideal for identifying site numbers in caravan parks and unit numbers in high density developments such as retirement homes.


It may be worth considering taking a walk to the front of your property to evaluate your house number, or maybe that of an elderly relative or friend.  If you were driving down the street, especially at night, how visible is the house number, and could it be located quickly in an emergency?  Would having a reflective house sign speed up the time in finding the property in an emergency?  We believe these signs are great time saving tools!  Remember 'saving time often assists in saving lives'.


For every reflective house sign we sell, we are donating 2 to our local Ambulance Serivce hoping to raise money towards a new and faster fully equipped ambulance, the cost of which is approximately 80,000! 


Proceeds will be donated to the East of England Ambulance Service