Show Plates

Signs and Show Plates

If you require a differently spaced or designed acrylic or metal plate then we have to sell this as a ´sign´, for ´off road´ use (or show plate). We place a disclaimer on the back advising you that it is sold as a sign, and it is not to be fitted to any vehicle using the UK roads.


All show plates are shipped from our Company in Wexford, Southern Ireland. Show plates are designed to be used for track days, hiding numberplates with special car club plates on show days, name plates or on private land.

Show Plates are made using all the same materials and in the same fashion as 'Normal' Number Plates, but they DO NOT bear the BS kitemark, or the manufacturer's/retailer's name.  However, this must not be confused with vintage numberplates as these will not bear this endorsement as they conform to a different British Standard.  



Please note: Self adhesive plates are sold as showplates as they do not comply with DVLA regulations.  

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