TVR Rear plates translucent backlit number plate

TVR number plates are made using a special material on the back which is translucent yellow reflective, which allows the boot lights to shine through, eliminating the need for external number plate lights.  These plates are manufactured in a similar way to traditional plates, however the reflective material used on the back is very different, it is about three times thicker than traditional reflective, and has a sticky back, so when you are ready to fit the plate, just peel of the backing, and stick this straight onto the car. The plate absorbs the light from behind and lights up the whole plate at night.


We sell these from 29.88 plus postage.


There is also a something else to bear in mind... We use to use a different reflective to what we use now, our new reflective is twice as expensive to buy then the older translucent material, however the cheaper material did not have very good back light qualities, so we changed the reflective in September 2005, and are now using a new type by 3M. This is by far the best material I have ever seen and we feel worth paying the extra for.  


  Coming very soon a picture of one of the new plates on a TVR!


Please also note: Because of the manner in which TVR plates are made, we highly recommend ordering a front plate as well, so they match, just select standard front plate with your order, and they will be made using the same method.


To order these plates, please go on to our plate builder by clicking here, once on then just follow the questions asked, and you will end up with the correct plate. I.E. To order a rear TVR plate select - Car - Show plate/ Legal - Rear plate - Acrylic - white/yellow. This will open the correct page on the order. Then in the rear drop down list for the rear plate size, select TVR rear plate. To my knowledge ALL TVR plates are 520mm x 111mm. That is the only size we keep for this model.


We can also make these for the French Market as Well, French plates are made in the same way, but with the eddition of a F (French) euro badge, and the font changed to the French Font.

French TVR Plate 


You can order these on this site, just click comments and ask for FRENCH FONT. Or take a look at our French Number Plate Site